Project Chronicle

June 14, 2024 Call for Applications at the University of Tripoli for Students taking part in the digitization work of the Ghadames Heritage Project:

May 30, 2024: Nora Lafi participated at Ghadames Cultural Centre in a conference dedicated to the work of Libyan historian Amar Jhaydar, who received the erudition prize of the year 2024, in the presence of the mayor of the city.

May 27-30, 2024: First Workshop of the Programme in Ghadames

Full programme here:

May 20, 2024: Emna Bchir (ENAU) and Nora Lafi (Leibniz-ZMO) meeting in Tunis for the preparation of the first team meeting in Ghadames

May 8, 2024: First meeting in Tripoli of the Tripoli-based team with the Ghadames-based team members

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